Finally! A personalized, professional approach to capturing the cherished relationship you and your pet share!

My name is Jeannie Hudson and I am the creator of FOREVER PET PORTRAITS – a site where animal lovers connect to preserve memories, share stories and honor four-legged, furry, or feathered friends that are a vital part of their family!

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As a long time animal owner and activist, professional dog breeder and accomplished artist, I specialize in capturing the unique relationship shared between pets and their caretakers. While many people may find your pets are cute, cuddly, and charming; I know they are so much more…

…A quiet companion when the world has gotten too loud.

…A calming presence when others seem to be out of reach.

…A loyal confidante when tough decisions need to be made.

…A constant comfort through thick and thin.

My relationship with animals began as a young girl on my family’s farm and continues to grow today. Animals have become my muse and my primary subject material thanks to the love of my own pets and the encouragement of clients who appreciate my ability to capture the spiritual essence of their pet.

Dear Jeannie,

I received your painting of Meeting at Rainbow Bridge last week and I am really thrilled to have it.

It is really ironic that this painting depicts just what my Arabian horse looked like, and surrounded by the beagles I love. Of course it was hard to choose which painting I would buy but I had to start with the one that meant so much to me.

I also want to comment on the quality of the frame and matting. You did a great job on it. I have the painting hanging in my office where I can enjoy it everyday.

Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.

Vicki Kretzschmar

Congratulations on taking this important step in honoring your pet’s rightful place
in your family,
in your home and
in your heart.


Imagine immortalizing your pet with an original watercolor painting that YOU help design.

That’s right! YOU!

I work closely with my clients to learn about their pet’s personality to create my signature Forever Pet Profile. This profile gives me insight into your pet’s life – an insight I draw out in my paintings. From their soulful eyes to their wagging tails, your input helps inspire my painting. No wonder clients feel prompted to send me notes like these…


Amy and I simply wanted to take the time to thank you so much for your portrait of our precious son and beagle Sorgi. Your love of dogs and painting is evident in the detail that you put into the piece. It is clear that you put your heart and soul into your work. We knew that the painting would be good but we didn’t know that it would surpass our every expectation. When we opened the box we both teared up as we were overcome with emotion. The fact that you took the time to bring our home into the piece really shows how much you care about your work and your customers.

I guess that should not be a surprise as the experience that we had when we purchased Sorgi from you was second to none. We always looked forward to the puppy pictures that you would send of Sorgi prior to shipping him to us. What other breeders follow up on their beagles to see how they are doing? We will always cherish the time that you stopped by to see him when you were in Wisconsin.

You didn’t miss anything in your portrait of Sorgi.. You even painted all of his precious little freckle like markings on his nose! It is almost as if your years of dog breeding and ownership have allowed you to capture their souls in your work. We know that Sorgi’s time with us is precious and your portrait will be a forever reminder of the love and joy that he brought into our lives. Please know that your portraits are so much more than just artwork. We absolutely love the painting and like Sorgi it will always be a part of our lives.

Thanks again for everything.

Steve and Amy Gineris

In just 3 EASY STEPS you can be on your way to memorializing your beloved animals’ life. Here’s how it works:


Reserve your Studio Time with a refundable project deposit easily made through PayPal. As each of my Forever Pet Portraits is a unique creation, I am careful not to overbook or overextend myself. Your deposit ensures your memories!


I will contact you to set up a time to talk about YOUR vision, YOUR desires and YOUR expectations of your ORIGINAL Forever Pet Portrait. If, after this conversation, you find that I am not the right artist for you, I will happily refund your deposit. This process is so personal – I understand how important it is to work with the right person. If I am the right person for you, we move to Step Three.


I will request that you send me several pictures of your pet. Those photos, along with the previously discussed Profile, will give me the tools I need to best create your unique portrait.  The actual painting time is approximately 6-8 weeks and you will receive your autographed, framed Forever Pet Portrait as soon as my work is completed.



My Eloise (Bella) – HAHA – that is so her! Thank you, I love it!

I feel like you really captured her quirky and mischievous character, even down to the paw guiltily sticking into the pot of dirt! Her markings are perfect, and I can just imagine the bee buzzing right out of the frame she is watching with her bright little eyes.

Thank you so much, it is a treasure.


If you’re wondering,

“When is the right time for my Forever Pet Portrait?” Check out these THREE suggestions!


End of Life Gifts

Losing a pet is one of life’s most difficult challenges. A Forever Pet Portrait provides a meaningful outlet to focus your loss and move from heartbreak to healing. (For insights into my own personal loss and why I know how important these memorial pieces are, please read Murphy’s Story at the bottom of this page.)

Holiday Presents

Don’t know what to get that certain someone who seems to have it all? A Forever Pet Portrait is the perfect way to say, “I love you and I know what’s important to you.” Acknowledging the relationship between owner and pet is one of the most thoughtful ways to express your love and friendship!

Milestone Markers

A child going off to college? A young adult moving out, up and on their own? An elderly parent moving into assisted living? Or perhaps you are moving to a new location and cannot bring your beloved pet with you. Whether it’s a high profile calendar event like a birthday or graduation, or a change of life event that only a select few will recognize, an intimate portrait is a special way to mark a meaningful occasion. Gift certificates available!

There is never a wrong time for the right gift!


My name is Shannon Binegar and I came to know Jeannie through a bible study one year ago. I learned a lot about Jeannie in that year, but what I didn’t know was what a wonderful artist she is. When I asked if she could paint a picture of my horse, Belle, she was delighted! You see, having a horse was my dream, and that dream had only been fulfilled for a month when Jeannie painted my beautiful girl. It was like, Could somebody please pinch me???

She asked for a variety of pictures of Belle…from all angles and both in motion and still. She wanted to make sure to get her markings just perfect and I appreciate that, as to me, markings are what makes a paint horse stand out. Once I provided her with the pictures, I had the finished painting in hand in only two weeks!!! Oh and what a beautiful painting it is! From only a few pictures, Jeannie captured Belle’s spirit, her energy and beauty, and even her soft loving eyes.

What I liked most is Jeannie’s attention to detail and her patience to make those details real. Belle has a special marking on her rump…it’s like a lightning bolt…and Jeannie got it just right with her attention to detail! What I appreciated most was Jeannie ‘s asking for several pictures of Belle…I know she poured over all the pictures I provided determining which one spoke to her!! From her painting of Belle, I can tell she not only enjoys painting…she has a passion for it!!

Jeannie…you are a talented and thoughtful artist!! Thank you!!

Shannon Binegar


I invite you to celebrate the life of your pet, and the meaning he has brought to your family, with a Forever Pet Portrait. What better way to signify that this member of your family will be cherished…forever.

I look forward to working together,


Jeannie Hudson
Artist *Dog Breeder *Photographer

Jeannie & Adam Hudson

Jeannie & Adam Hudson

Growing up on a ranch near Gillette, WY gave me the perfect opportunity to nurture my relationship with animals. With the country as my backdrop, I began drawing and painting the cattle and chickens, my own beloved dogs and cats, and my favorite breed of horses, Arabians. For the past two years I have been painting professionally and have honed my craft in watercolors, thanks in great part to the inspiration of my husband Adam, a master watercolorist and stained glass artist. Together, we live in South Dakota with our beagles, bookcases that display my four published suspense novel, and a flourishing garden where we enjoy views of the beautiful Black Hills.

I breed only one very special litter of show- quality beagles each year so I have a limited number of puppies for sale. For availability, check my Facebook page. When I do have puppies for sale, you can see them on and read my buyer reviews as well.